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   Home technology is a great thing. There are so many varied options from which to choose that sometimes a simple understanding of the technology is the right place to start. Listed below you will find a summary of the product categories JWE supports with easy to understand descriptions. If you are buying a home at a project serviced by JWE, you may want to skip directly to our 'Projects' section to identify your new home's specific available options.

Distributed Audio Structured Wiring Home Security
Home Surveillance Intercom Systems Home Theater
Central Vacuum Home Networking Audio/Video Components
Home Automation Video Distribution Facilities Distribution

distributed audio distributed audio

     Hearing the soothing sounds of a favorite CD resonate in stereo throughout your home can remind you just how good life is. By definition, Distributed Audio is the disbursement of sound from a centralized location to multiple zones throughout your home. In new construction, it utilizes a designated wiring scheme routed through a home's structure during the framing stage. The finished product will consist of stereo loudspeakers linked via independent controls back to your primary music source. Numerous products exist in this category with varying levels of sophistication and cost.

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structured wiring structured wiring

     Wouldn't it be great if your home was wired to support perfect distribution of voice, video and data services to every room? That's where Structured Wiring comes in. A truly integrated home consists of a central wiring enclosure that houses components to distribute these technologies and a blend of high-capacity cables strategically run throughout your home to varying function wall termination plates. Typical cabling utilizes category 5e (or higher) twisted pair, copper wire and RG6 quad-shielded coaxial cable, however some systems incorporate provisions for future technology by including empty conduit systems or fiber optic cabling. Many new homes today come standard with a basic structured wiring platform and the ability to upgrade according to lifestyle needs.

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home security home security

     It's been said that you can't put a price on your family's safety. Today's home security systems are quite advanced and extremely reliable. Features and benefits vary greatly depending on manufacturer and model platform. The best new home security systems incorporate hard-wired contacts at doors and windows, as well as motion detectors, sirens, smoke/heat detectors, keypads, and other devices controlled by a central panel. Many systems support add-on wireless features in addition to entry level automation. Professional security companies offer 24/7 monitoring services of your system to alert the proper authorities in the event of an alarm breach.

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home surveillance home surveillance

     Today's camera surveillance systems are so sleek that even Inspector Gadget would be impressed. Surveillance options exist in many forms, but a common home system installation consists of wiring routed inside your walls to specific camera locations that are then viewed from any television or monitor and may be recorded on a DVR system. When viewed concurrent with cable or satellite on a television, provisions for inserting surveillance channels are best handled by professional installation companies.

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intercom systems intercom systems

     An intercom system is tried and true
Its roots are as old as the red, white, and blue
From a string and two cans
To today's, free of hands
Don't answer the door, it's "You Know Who!"

   OK…intercom systems aren't the newest of technologies so we're sure you know what they do. Technology has moved forward and today's systems can be more streamlined and unobtrusive than their predecessors.

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home theater home theater

     When you watch a movie, play a video game, or listen to a favorite CD you should feel more like a participant rather than a spectator. Home theater integrated into the design of a new home provides amazing reproduction of audio and video effects. In a typical home theater you will have at least five built in speakers, one subwoofer, a video display monitor (TV, Plasma, Projection Screen, etc.), and surround sound processing equipment. During the construction of a new home, you have the opportunity to take advantage of one of the fastest growing technologies available for personal use. To not give home theater serious consideration would be a mistake.

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central vacuum central vacuum

     While Central Vacuum Systems have been around a long time, the scientific evidence of their health benefits has only recently been discovered. These systems typically include a unit that combines a motor and waste receptacle located in your garage, along with a sealed pipe and wiring network routed behind your walls to various “inlets” around your home. You then use a 30’ hose and powered vacuum head that attaches simply to any vacuum inlet. Key benefits include a more powerful motor than upright vacuums and the fact that all debris exits your home through the sealed pipe system without opportunity for being reintroduced to your living environment. Considered a necessity by many allergy sufferers, these systems are an outstanding solution for a cleaner, healthier home.

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home networking home networking

     Home Networking refers to the creation of a computer network. Today’s new homes can be prepared for networking with the same speed and reliability as top businesses for a very reasonable price. As many homes have more than one computer, a home network’s primary use is often the sharing a broadband Internet connection, but it can also support the sharing of files between workstations and shared connections of peripheral equipment such as printers and scanners. A wired network provides for the fastest and most secure transfer of data, but many wireless solutions also exist to fit various applications. Any company with a dedicated home networking division like JWE will be able to consult with you to determine if wired, wireless, or a hybrid solution is best for you.

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audio video components audio video components

     This category is self-explanatory and includes items such as TV’s, plasma monitors, LCD screen, projection systems, surround sound processing gear, DVD players, media servers, etc. There are many advantages to purchasing these components from a Home Technology Integration company such as JWE. These often include the ability to purchase an item below retail and the fact that full service integrators typically offer installation services so that you don’t have to be the expert. In addition to having products you are familiar with, many integrators carry professional grade products of outstanding quality that may not be available to you otherwise.

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home automation home automation

     Not yet a mass market category, Home Automation makes sense for many people as a lifestyle enhancement solution. It typically involves a combination of electronic devices that are designed and programmed to control a number of items most people already have in their homes. Controlling lighting systems and heating and air conditioning systems may be beneficial from an energy management standpoint. Setting up “scenes” for certain events or moods in your home provides a level of ease and sophistication in creating the perfect ambiance. Advanced control of home theater systems is extremely popular and can transform the challenge of managing multiple systems with multiple remote controls in to a simple one or two button process to activate a desired function that involves interaction between various pieces of equipment.

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video distribution video distribution

     In-home Video Distribution involves additional wiring and electronics to create space within your existing channel lineup to inject specific programming. For instance, a DVD playing in one location can be viewed at all the television locations in a home. Popular uses include distributing satellite signals, monitoring “baby room” cameras or poolside cameras for safety. These “in-home” channels can only be created in homes that are prepared with a centralized distribution point for their video service. Homes with structured wiring systems are ideal for video distribution.

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facilities distribution facilities distribution

     A category necessary only for builders and developers, facilities distribution involves the design and construction of communication networks to disburse voice, video and data service over wide areas. These networks often utilize coaxial, twisted pair copper, fiber optic, or some combination of the three varying technologies. Proper licensing to perform facilities distribution work is necessary for limiting current and future liabilities of these systems.

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