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Work is important, but a balanced lifestyle is too! Some members of the JWE team are brave enough to allow us access into their private lives and events. Take an opportunity to discover something new about JWE employees that might not come up during normal work discussions.

Lucky Strike Bowling
   It was Thursday, May 20th at 7:00pm when the members of JWE's Sales/Marketing and IT departments, along with their significant others, divided into three teams for a bowling showdown at Lucky Strike Lounge at the Block of Orange. Each team captain organized their bowlers for battle with a signature outfit or accessory and 'smack talk' to boot. Soon teams were named and what started out as a team building exercise soon turned into a competition of skill, strategy, and name-calling.

   The winning team received bragging rights and was presented with Care Bear trophies for their desks. Individual achievement awards were also presented. Chiara, a bowling veteran with her very own initialed ball, proudly displayed her crown and boa as the winner of the "Highest Scoring Female" award. Jon, the winner of the "Highest Scoring Male" award, showed everyone why he was justified in being one of the biggest 'smack' talkers at the event. He sported his heavy-weight champ belt with pride.

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